Welcome to the SEFNC

This website will provide all information in regards to the Southern Eagles Football and Netball Club Inc

The club was formed through the amalgamation of Western United, Yorketown and Edithburgh football clubs. In 1994, Members of the 3 clubs became the committee for the Southern Eagles and competition commenced within the Yorke Valley League, now the Yorke Peninsula Football League. Netball teams were included, being a stipulation of the league. This began a family day of sport to be enjoyed on a Saturday during the winter season.

The Management Committee consists of interested members of the Southern Eagles Football and Netball clubs. Their role is to discuss and ensure smooth running of the club. President, Secretary, Treasurer, general committee members, representatives from the Fundraising, Netball and the league are elected to their positions at the AGM each October. Management Meetings are held monthly in selected locations.

The Football club consists of players forming an A, B, U/17’s and U/14’s all competing for points. U/12 and U/10 sides have a game each week, but not for competition points. Please speak to a committee member or coach regarding players who are interested in competing in one of these grades.

An Auskick Program is also associated with all home games, find more information here.

The Netball Club enters A, B, C, D and E U/15, F U/13 grades for competition points. G grade U/11 and H Grade U/8 are modified rules and not for competition points. Please speak to a committee member or coach regarding players who are interested in competing in one of these grades.

Sub Committees

  • Fundraising is an important part of our club. This committee organise social events for the club, which include junior as well as senior members, and encourage all community members to become involved through financial membership, sponsor and /or supporter of the club. If you wish to join this committee please speak to a committee member.
  • The Netball club has their own elected committee members, coordinating the efficient running of home game days, canteens, umpires and general netball club business. Finances are managed by the SEFC Treasurer. Representatives are elected on to the Yorke Peninsula Netball Association committee.

All subs are due and to be paid by the 3rd. game in each season. Please see the membership section of this website for more details. A member is able to vote at the AGM if over 18 and paid prior to September 30th of that year.

We encourage fair play, follow sporting protocols, and use rules set by the South Australian Football League and the South Australian Netball Association.

All football players are encouraged to seek their own personal insurance with the football club only covered for tragedy insurance Registered netball players are covered under the SANA insurance policy.

Football and netball home games are played at the 3 town ovals. Warooka, Yorketown and Edithburgh. Check your fixture for programming. 

Netball and Football training is spread equally throughout the three Southern Eagles home grounds across the season, dates and times can be found here.

Remember, this club is your club, get up get active and go the Eagles!